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Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

August 8th, 2006 (06:21 pm)

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This journal is now closed. Because of certain events that have happened and that are about to occur, I can no longer allow this continue.

If you were friended on this journal, and would like to keep reading private locked posts of "Killing the King", "The Comatose Griffin", and "Nocturnal Nightmares", or if you just want to keep tabs on me then you can leave me a comment at tepiddreamer.

But, I may not friend you again. This is due to a security risk on my part as well with the people that know me. As well as those who were my friends on the outside, we've grown distant and I no longer belong.

To those who read this just to keep updated and knew how to read the secret messages imbedded inside each message, this is a warning to you. BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!

Sooooooo if your looking for Crack!, Military Crap!, Yaoi/doujinshi!, "Killing the King", and some very offensive things, then check me out and leave me a comment at tepiddreamer. Its not me anymore, so don't expect the usual!!!

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

June 11th, 2006 (07:42 pm)

[mood| Rushed ]

[1] Post a list of 15 book/movies/TV that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life (do not have to be in any specific order).
[2] Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each one.
[3] Denote those of great importance(or extreme fangirling)

1. Transformers (Any universe really, although Beast Wars is what really started it for me)
2. Jurassic Park (movies, toys)
3. Apocalypse Now Redux**** (movie, the music, WILLARD!, UH-1 goodies)
4. Godzilla** (movies, toys, fanbase, the music)
5. Showgirls* (movie, the true meaning of it all, the unadultrated nudity)
6. Batman** (Et Al. Comics, movies, toys, toons, apparel)
7. Fullmetal Alchemist* (anime, manga series, the anguish)
8. The Lion King (Istillfuckingwatchthismovieallthetime!)
9. Black Beauty** (no comment, really)
10. Fake (manga series that I actually finished, movie, fanbase)
11. Watership Down*** (movies, books)
12. The Wall** (movie, music)
13. Gundam Wing****/Gundam** (anime, manga, toys/models, fanbase)
14. Cardcaptor Sakura (anime, toys/collectibles)
15. Mirage of Blaze* (anime, novels, fanbase)

I really didn't get anything done, nor get any time to myself. Mostly watched movies( Showgirls, Cars, Who framed roger rabbit, Showgirls again)

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

June 9th, 2006 (06:35 pm)

[mood| Grumpy ]

Will people stop asking me how I feel now that I'm 20?!?!?!? PLEASE!!!

Things that need to be done this weekend:
1. Go to Walmart....again......and IKEA....cause I need furniture
2. MUST go to PetSmart to buy food for Edward.
3. Find boxes. Lots of boxes.
4. Try to find the courage to actually go and see Cars all by myself
5. Start to break down and trash/sort things in the apartment
6. Try to go one day without my pain meds

Things that WILL NOT be accomplished:
1. Most of the things stated above
2. Going to the mall!
3. Avoiding falling over for no reason
4. Contacting PTI about loan information
5. Seeing Cars
6. Forcing Anthony to give me some alone time
7. Calling PODS or SAMS or UPS Frieght about moving and finding someone who can transport the UH-1 engine to Stratford
8. Getting some much needed sleep
9. Hearing anything about a job
10. Did I mention sleep and needing some time away from the boys?

I will get that picture of the sign that says "Do you have the smelly kid?" and "Fresh Ever Dry".

I need to stay away from Neopets. But sitting on my ass keeping kids off of Myspace gets boring after awhile.

Only 3 more weeks!

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

June 3rd, 2006 (04:05 pm)
current location: Judas Priest - Electric Eye

[I Feel| Grumpy ]

I'm here in Ft. Lauderdale and its only 81 with a chance of thunderstorms. Hmmmmm,....same outlook for tomorrow. Good thing I'm leaving for the same thing, only colder.

Somehow my hat was found by Kevin, and he mailed it back to me, which is currently keeping the sun out of my eyes. Good hat*pats* we've been through hell already, can't lose each other now.

I have to go to court on Tuesday for the damn citation, at least we all have to go this time so it won't be one-on-one grilling like last time.

I WANT TO GO THE MALL! I have been craving chinese food soooooo bad(and tacos, but I can't eat them) and I need to visit Borders and Bath&Body. I just need to get some sleep first, and make a deposit in the bank. And find someone to go with.

That is if I don't get put under house arrest again.....

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

May 31st, 2006 (07:40 pm)
current location: I haven't a fucking clue!!!!!

[I Feel| Drunk ]

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"Dude, I am so trying to sleep here and you just won't SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

After alot of alcohol, too much Judas Priest at high volumes, a big fight, a group emotional breakdown, and a expensive police citation........yea.......

I can't wait to fucking leave Moon Township and everyone here.

I feel like shit right now.

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

May 24th, 2006 (11:12 am)
Intrusive noise: 15 men showering.......

[I Feel| Weird ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just admit your love for each other already!

I was fired from one internship and hired at another all on the same day. WTFness???

Someone has started the b-day pranks early, since I was hit twice with the hose, found a cupcake in my footlocker, and my mother thinks its this weekend. As much as I hate you!, your my mother and should know when the hell my birthday is. Although you've been talking about that adoption rumour more than I like. Bitch!

I just need to figure out how to spend this 3-day weekend.

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

May 19th, 2006 (06:45 pm)
Intrusive noise: the mexicans.....THE MEXICANS@@!!!!

[I Feel| Working ]

I knew something would go wrong with my internship. I just knew this would happen.....

I reeaaallllyy need to go to the store. And WTF! with the rain? All it does is rainrainrainrain.

Let see this cracktastic schedule:
Early morning briefing and refueling trial at base/6AM-9AM
PetSmart(food for Edward), Walmart(groceries and new remote)/1130AM-2PM--Goddamn bus!
Not so Quality time with family members/?????
Quality time with my boys/????yay!

Trek to the bank most likely
Creating new lesson plans

Refueling trial and Emergency Landing procedures(oh god....)
Getting bitched out by internship losers

Rest of the week=
Base work
And finding a new internship

I woke up this morning and remembered that June 4th is two weeks away. HA! No cake and ice cream for me!

Having cable is so nice, I just can't handle having to get up to change channels and never knowing wtf is on.

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

March 31st, 2006 (03:16 pm)

[I Feel| Stressed ]


I only have a week left, and have no will power to even so much as attend classes. No more finals!!!!Please!

I am so mad that the Hen Da Ne guy will be at Tekko....and I won't even be there to get a yaoi paddle. Noooooooo!!!!!!!

*chirpchirpchirp*EDWARD SHUTUP!!!!!

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

March 26th, 2006 (06:56 pm)

[I feel| Crazy ]

Ah, I posted the first arc of The Comatose Griffin on the list.

Now just to wait for the flood of email to come!

EDIT: Shit! 53 emails in the first 2 hours. Mwahahahaaaaa!

Rayven48 [userpic]

(no subject)

March 20th, 2006 (07:02 pm)
Intrusive noise: ChirpChirpChirp goes the lizard!

[I Feel| Blah ]

Oi! How come I seem to choose the animals that are on crack? Like the lizard, who spent 6 hours trying to escape. YOUR NOCTURNAL, OKAY!!!!

Kevin had an interesting idea. I move down there after I graduate and live with him and the woman. If I go to a nearby college, he won't ask for any money for living expenses and whatnot, I'll just have to pay car insurance/personal bills/and school loans. Despite the fact that I would probably kill them, I looked into it.

And discovered that D.C. schools STRESS academic and geographical racism.

Like Mary Washington University, which is like 15 minutes drive from StratFord. I would have to have a QPA of at least 3.5 upon grad, take my SAT, pay tuition fees of $20,115 a year instead of $7,950!!!!!!!!!, and REQUIRED PHYSICAL ED. CLASS EVERY SEMESTER! to be at least considered for application status. Harvard wanna-be maybe?

If I'm going to pay you some odd $65,000 to go your school I am NOT taking GYM CLASS!?!?!?!?!

Someone support me on this! I'm serious!

Some other schools, which were farther away, seemed okay. University of Northern Virginia and Stratford University seemed like a dressed down PTI that offered BA instead of AA.

Although Ashcroft was like: "Aboslutely not. That is too close to the nations capitol and the CIA!"

We share an apartment in Stafford, which is 5 minutes away from Quantico!

"You've been too crazy lately, you don't even have a job yet..."

Don't rub it in.....plus who wanted my to go for the CIA Telecommunications Officer so badly?Hmmmm?

What am I doing?

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